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Gummed Paper Tape Machine BP500


The BP500 gummed paper tape machine is a proven solution used to secure parcels with maximum efficiency, while consuming minimal tape and providing a 100% environmentally friendly solution, with paper tape that has great presentation on boxes. In terms of cost efficiency, the price of gummed paper tape rolls work out to around the same as a good low noise polyprop tape, when comparing metre for metre - but you will save a LOT on the tape consumption as the machine produces the exact strip dimension required, and only one strip is required to seal each side of the box as demonstrated. Further information as below:

The rugged and reliable Better Pack® 500 offers simple, one-touch dispensing of reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape. Durable construction, built-in safety features and fast tape dispensing make the Better Pack 500 the perfect choice in demanding work environments with medium- to high-volume packaging needs.

Simple and Straightforward

  • 14 preset length keys offer one-touch dispensing of tape lengths from 6 to 45 inches
  • 2X key doubles any preset length
  • Press and hold the Random key for custom lengths up to 120 inches

Rugged, Reliable and Safe

  • Steel side frame construction covered in durable ABS plastic
  • Meets or exceeds UL, CE and CSA standards for operator and electrical safety
  • Safety interlock switch disables the cutting mechanism when cover is open

Fast and Efficient

  • Dispenses tape at 45 inches per second
  • Adjustable top heater warms the water, maximizing the tape's adhesive and bonding properties

Accessories to Optimize Performance

  • Prints on-demand, custom messages
  • Applies codes, date stamps, logos or taglines as tape is dispensed
  • Imprinting increases security, tracking and branding
  • Conveniently holds tape in upright position
  • No wrestling with long lengths of tape—just grab and apply
  • Simplifies and speeds up the packaging process



Dimensions: 18.0" L x 12.0" W x 10.5" H
(45.7 cm L x 30.5 cm W x 31.75 cm H)
Shipping Weight: 30 lbs.
(13.6 kg)
Tape Roll Capacity: 1.5" to 3" wide (3.8 cm to 7.62 cm)
Up to 7.5" diameter (17.78 cm)
Up to 600' length roll (183 m)
Dispensing Speed: 45" per second (114 cm per second)
Dispensing Length: 6" to 45" using one of 14 preset length keys
Up to 90" using 2X key
Up to 120" using Random key
Blades: Guillotine sheer with blade lifter for easy cleaning
Water Brushes: 3 for consistent, uniform tape wetting
Water Bottle Capacity: 44 ounces (1.3 liters)
Electrical Requirements: Available in 115 volt and 220 volt models
Safety Compliance: Meets or exceeds UL, CE and CSA standards
Warranty: 2 years parts, 6 months labor
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